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30 modules to develop yourself!
online course
Set aside one hour per module and allow your life to develop in an incredibly positive way. 
Take advantage of -60% and access the complete course for 198€ instead of 495€
Do you know who you can be when you are in your full greatness?  
How far is this picture of you away from who you are today?

Do you have an idea what you would need to get there? When you see others being successful or living a happy life, you often wonder how they got there.

And you contemplate to ask them how they did it – you want advice for the quick fix, the shortcut to get the same result with minimal effort. 

SHINE is an effective program developed in Switzerland to enable you to step out of your shadow and to live successful and truly happy lives. 

Come with me on the inspiring journey of SHINE to learn how to step out of your shadow to live the life you really want to live!
With this online course, a happy and successful life is within reach.

Entirely based on the SHINE methodology, it takes you on an inspiring journey to empower yourself to live the life you truly want to live.

By following this step-by-step approach, you will discover self-awareness techniques and behaviours that you may want to change.

You will learn new concepts that you can use as tools to unleash your own potential, overcome your fears and set an exciting vision for your future. 
Take advantage of -60% and access the course for 198€ instead of 497€
This online course puts you into the mental conditions required for in-depth emotional work and allows you to be completely immersed in yourself.
  • 30 videos delivered 1 per day during 30 days covering each step of the method SHINE
  • ​Clear and precise instructions and examples to develop a concrete plan how to put into practice what you have learned 
  • ​The best tools and simulations of self-discovery to give you access to the conscious and subconscious elements of yourself  
  • ​All videos stay at your entire disposal for one year and you can rewatch them as often as you like  
  • 1 bonus at the end enabling you to tear down your fears once and for all 
Ulrike Seminati is a certified coach, author, and inspiring  keynote speaker based in Switzerland who is  combining her experience as a C-level executive with certified coaching and training methodologies to bring your potential to another level. 

She has developed effective face-to-face and online programs to enable people to step out of their shadow and to live fulfilled and truly happy lives. Ulrike believes in the unique power of authenticity and shows you paths so that your life can unfold in an incredibly positive way!
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