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And if you decided to finally open the door to a new life?
4 & 5 October 2019
At lake Zurich |  NIV'AU LAC  |  Oberdorfstrasse 33  | CH-8810 Horgen
Three workshops to choose from or to combine to get on a journey to your inner self. 

Leave each of the sessions with a powerful toolbox to boost your life in an incredibly positive way.
 Workshop 1: Set direction
Create the future you want to experience!

4 October from 17.00-20.00
65 CHF
Find a deeper sense of meaning and new ways to adjust your focus and behavior.

The more you make the right decisions aligned with your deepest desires and your core values, the faster you will achieve your goals.

People who know their purpose in life know who they are, what they are, and why they are. 
And when you know yourself, it becomes easier to live a life that's true to your core values.

Set yourself a compelling direction, identify what is truly important for you, and learn how to leverage the power of your wildest dreams!

Your take-away: 
A unique life plan that empowers you to follow your own personal direction

Workshop 2: Remove your boundaries
Break subconscious patterns and tap into your full potential!
5 October from 9.00-13.00
95 CHF
During this session you will dig deep into your neurological programming and trigger profound changes from the inside out. 

The process gets you on a journey to your subconscious core, to discover and leverage the power of your deepest positive and negative beliefs.

You will understand and weaken the fears and blockages that are causing you to unconsciously limit and sabotage your success and relationships.

Activate powerful resources and empower yourself to take a conscious decision for new behaviors and attitudes!

Your take-away: 
7 unique and powerfool tools to overcome what stands in your way right now

Workshop 3: Increase self-confidence
Get the guts to achieve your most amibitous goals!
5 October from 14.30-18.00
75 CHF
If you want to be successful, you need to develop your self-confidence and your courage to step out of your comfort zone.

Are you missing opportunities due to a lack of self-confidence? The more self-confident you become the more risks you will be willing to take and so the more opportunities you will encounter.

In this highly interactive session you will get certainty about your abilities, qualities, and unique talents.

Leave this session feeling energized, with tools and powerful resources to influence your life in a positive way and empower yourself to achieve your most ambitious goals!

Your take-away:
Your personal 4-step action plan to get the guts to achieve your most ambitious goals

You want to go for the full program and finally break through the self-sabotaging beliefs and mental blocks causing you to unknowingly reject wealth, wellbeing, and love?

Sign up for all three session for a special price of
195 CHF (instead of 235 CHF)
Are you hesitating? That's normal because the hardest part is to get started.
Quite easily we spend money on clothes, cosmetics, fitness, and a whole range of other products to be more beautiful and healthier. 

But what's the point of being beautiful if you don't feel good about yourself?

How about investing equally in your mental health and wellbeing?

Investing in this intensive self-development course guarantees you a long-term result.

You will learn things about yourself that you will never forget.

And you leave with techniques that allow you to continue working on yourself for as long as you want.

In each of the three sessions you will learn to remove limits that prevent you from achieving happiness today.

You will be able to reveal what is blocking you and you will understand what you need to do to get rid of it once and for all.

At the end of these intensive sessions, you will feel happy and relieved, as you will have discovered new ways to explore to access the happiness of a life that suits you.
The methodology
The methodology is systemic and value-oriented connecting you to existing resources and training new skills to free up powerful resources. 

It is used in both professional and private contexts. T

The course content is partly based on the St. Galler Coaching Model (SCM)®, which understands coaching as an assistance for lasting development and expansion of human values and goals. 

During two intensive days you will gain access to conscious and subconscious elements of yourself through best-in-class self-discovery tools and simulations. 

You will learn, step by step, new ideas, and concepts that you can use as tools to unleash your fundamental values and strengths, overcome your fears and set yourself an exciting vision for your future.

In addition, you will develop a concrete plan how to apply in practice what you will have learnt. 

You will be surprised at the greatness you have inside!
Your Coach
Ulrike Seminati is a certified coach, author, and inspiring keynote speaker.

She is combining her experience as a C-level executive with certified Swiss coaching and training methodologies to bring your potential to another level. 

She has developed effective face-to-face and online programs to enable people to step out of their shadow and to live fulfilled and truly happy lives. 

Her method SHINE - Step out of your shadow has already helped people in many countries to increase their self-confidence, learn to follow their own path and open the door to a new life.

Daniel Kiderlen:  
Ulrike is a great coach who helped me in a situation that was emotionally very difficult. She masters techniques that lead quickly to amazing results!

Rory Fitzpatrick:
Ulrike is a force of personality and energy - you can't help but be caught up and highly motivated by her enthusiasm, drive and warmth, whether that's one on one or as part of an audience. Ulrike helped me step out of my comfort zone, always gives incredible support and guidance.

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